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Seamless Agribusiness Project Development

Agrimotion is a key role player in the sustainable optimization of agriculture in Africa through independent and scientific inputs while establishing new standards in agricultural training and education.

Agrimotion Consulting’s service offering is built on 5 pillars, each specializing on a specific area in fruit production and focused on getting results for our clients.


Soil classification and new orchard development

The soil service uses soil classification as basis for making informed and holistic development decisions. The best long term agricultural results are enjoyed when soil limiting factors are identified and rectified prior to planting.


Independent crop nutrition & cultivar-rootstock selection

Our nutrition programmes are based on orchard history including foliar and soil analysis, irrigation system and crop & cultivar type. Recommendations are crop based and are completely independent of product sales. Our nutrition programs provide maximum fertilizer use efficiency and accommodate a variety of management styles.


Agricultural technology application

We identify and apply technologies that have the potential to add value to our clients’ business. Our flagship service is the IMPI solution. IMPI stands for Imagery and Management Practice Integration. We use areal images to identify areas of variation within orchards and then we use our technical skills to go and identify the limitations within those weaker areas. The outcomes are improved orchard uniformity, through combining sound advice with a GIS foundation for better spatial management.


Probe placement & audits and crop specific irrigation

The irrigation division incorporates understanding of soil, crop physiology, climate and monitoring apparatus to schedule irrigation. Irrigation short courses are presented aimed at developing the skills of production teams. Clients enjoy increased fruit quality, water use efficiency and understanding of irrigation when using the Agrimotion Irrigation service.


Crop specific skills development

Agrimotion strives to set the standard in best practices through effective, practical and scientific training. A short course on fruit production is held once a year, attracting farmers from across the country. We also design tailor made courses according to a specific client’s needs. Our impact on farms is not limited to the advice we offer but also in the sharing of knowledge with management teams in order to recap old concepts and convey new ones.

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