African Agriculture Business Chamber

Seamless Agribusiness Project Development

Creating Sustainable Agriculture for Africa!

Who Are We?

Our Vision

Our Services

Who are we

The African Agricultural Business Chamber is representative of a broad spectrum of agricultural businesses that are well known in South Africa and Africa. The Chamber is represented by all aspects of the agricultural sector.

We are a group of specialized agricultural professionals. Each business brings a unique skill to the AABC that gives us the competitive edge in agricultural project development. 

The aim of the Chamber is to ensure seamless agricultural project development, and to ensure that agriculture in Africa has a well represented supporting network.  

Our Vision

The African Agricultural Business Chamber has a vision towards an independent agricultural extension service. Promoting sustainable agriculture with a emphasis on precision agricultural services. 

Our Services

Our services include the following

  • detailed soil services & mapping
  • crop nutrition
  • topographical surveys
  • orchard analyses 
  • irrigation design
  • hydrographical survey
  • irrigation development
  • solar PV electricity
  • vegetable tunnel supplies
  • feasibility studies & business plans
  • crop budgets & costings
  • tunnel automation
  • agricultural software development
  • quantity survey

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